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Life rafts are inflatable survival boats that must be carried by all boats that leave the coast, whose main mission is to preserve people's lives if they sink. In other words, they are single-use plastics whose purpose is to save our lives, but which end up being waste over time.

For us, reducing the use of plastics as much as possible is important. We thought it was a very good idea to be able to create useful accessories for life on board from a material that was going to
end up in waste, and thus take advantage of the quality and characteristics of life raft fabrics in the marine environment.

We want our bags to maintain the essence of life rafts, so that they are recognizable, original and unique, because they have the very important purpose of saving our lives if
the case will come. That's why we only use their colors, which are usually those.

The raft fabric is encapsulated and compressed in a container to be carried on board the boat. It has to be reviewed every year, and for security reasons they have an expiration time. They are then used to carry out basic Safety at Sea training, and are opened at sea only once. Most of the fabric is intact and has only had contact with seawater. We collect them, wash them and cut them so we can make them.

We make by hand with sustainable and recycled materials that have a lower impact on the planet. A small number of bags come out of each rescued raft.

Two-thirds of our planet is covered by oceans and we want to be able to continue enjoying our passion for sailing, which is why we are aware of the environment and the protection of the seas. I make in a small workshop, or with the help of a small local workshop.

Although the material is completely waterproof, because its purpose is to keep you safe in the sea until you are rescued, when sewing them the hole generated by the needle is permeable and some amount of water can leak through it. We are studying ways to make some waterproof bags.

Although we have designed them for life at sea, based on our experience as owners of a sailboat and passionate about sailing, as they are waterproof they are also very practical in other types of boats, on the beach, in the mountains and in the City on rainy days.

Our bags are not artificially unique; If not, it depends on each type of raft that we rescue. They are unique because they are made from liferaft fabric that has its own history with an unmistakable look. In addition, some models, the most exclusive, have anagrams of life rafts, which make them even more special.

We don't want to overproduce. We want to produce what is going to be used. Textile overproduction is a big problem in the fashion industry. It is unknown how much clothing is produced and not sold each year. Estimates speak of around 10% of garments not being sold. Huge quantities of clothing are manufactured only to end up in landfill.

So we want to encourage responsible consumption and reduce the environmental impact that overproduction leaves on our planet and that affects our seas.

Ecoverse Silver & Black Edition L Backpack.
Ecoverse Silver & Black Edition L Backpack.
Ecoverse Silver & Black Edition L Backpack.
Ecoverse Silver & Black Edition L Backpack.