The history of SOSbag

The Pandemic

The pandemic arrived, and brought with it job uncertainty.

Me without a job and Jordi with the possibility of losing it, two passionate about the sea, we cling to our sailboat as a beacon of hope, so Jordi prepared for the possibility of being able to charter our sailboat, sharing the wonders of the sea with those who long for adventures. .

The Basic Safety at Sea course

At the end of the training and seeing that the practically new raft was thrown into the trash, Jordi thought about rescuing the raft with which he did the training, moved by the idea of ​​giving it a second life, and looking for the possibility of weaving a new story. For them, he brought her home.

This is how SOSBAG was born, a story woven with reused threads and full
of adventures.

Our journey through sustainability continues, and we continue
transforming life rafts into bags and accessories full of
authenticity and originality, keeping the essence of the sea alive in each design.


S.O.S. in English means "Save Our Souls", but for us, it also means "Save Our Seas".


We have to become aware of the importance of protecting our oceans and take measures to preserve their beauty and biodiversity, a treasure that we must take care of for future generations.

Life is a sea of ​​opportunities, so we take advantage of the one that the pandemic brought us.

If life gives you rafts... make bags!!!