Hello, We are Jordi, Cristina and Bebo. We are from Barcelona. Although I think it doesn't seem like it because when we walk through the center of our city they speak to us in English...

We are two lovers of the sea and sailing. We love riding the sailboat and enjoying the marine flora and fauna.

While sailing we have witnessed all the pollution that falls into the sea or reaches it from the rivers.

Therefore, when the possibility arose of reusing waste, which also ends up in the new garbage, we decided that we should do something with it, and do our small part in protecting the planet and thus we founded SOSBAG.

You know, if life gives you.... life rafts, make bags!!!!


Why do I like to sew?

Why do I like to sew?

For her....
Why do I like to sew? I was born and raised in Barcelona and was raised by my grandmother Felipa , who was born in Lagartera, Toledo. I remember her sitting in her chair, with her pincushion, sewing beautiful tablecloths, so beautiful that even ONE, TWO, THREE gave them away as a special prize (only those in our country house will understand this information).
Most of my childhood memories revolve around sewing, although until now I did not pursue it professionally. She taught me the art of sewing and since I was little, I have always sewn for myself or my family.