Cristina Ebang

I was born in Barcelona and my maternal grandmother was from Lagartera, province of Toledo, famous for its embroidery.

My grandmother Felipa taught me how to sew and inspired me.
During the confinement period I embarked on this project, despite the difficulty of the moment, and thus incorporate design and clothing to my other great passion, life at Sea.
I love designing bags and accessories to make life on board more pleasant (if that is possible), and it is a challenge for me to do so by reusing fabrics as it increases my creativity.

Captain Jordi

My life and travel companion, and inspiration of the idea. Nothing would be possible without your support and technical help. He is a handyman who practices Do-it-yourself on our sailboat. Together we dream of the day we can take the great trip; around the world on our sailboat Sayang.

Cabin Boy Bebo

Our faithful friend. Although he is not much of a sailor, his mission is to take care of us, to protect our sailboat. He is always by our side and cuddles us in the hardest moments. And he does it really well!!! (dog's paw).


Sayang Hu!

The materialization of one of our dreams. An old but beautiful and noble sailboat of Nordic origin.

From the Hallberg Rassy house (the Roll Royce of the sea as they call it in naval jargon).

Our second home, where we enjoy sailing, we spend great moments of relaxation, moments shared with our loved ones, the joy of feeling the sea, the sun, the wind, of feeling that you are alive!


A small place with a large table hand-made by Jordi and a sewing machine. Since the fabrics are not known at all, here you can see and touch them in situ, and check their strength and quality.

Located in an idyllic environment for inspiration, the beautiful marina of Port de Sitges Aiguadolç, where our sailboat moors. It is a beautiful port, open to everyone. It is not just a sports and tourist port. It has cultural spaces, with history, with a defined architectural style, a recognized social work and a wide, varied and first-class gastronomy.


Nuestros productos están diseñados básicamente con materiales de seguridad reutilizados, y otros materiales complementarios reciclados, contribuyendo así a la reducción de residuos plásticos y
al cuidado del planeta.