Our values

W e are a sustainable brand with which we collect and reuse the fabric of life rafts used in navigation, once their useful life ends, to design and manufacture bags and accessories for mobile devices, resistant to inclement weather, thus preventing This new material of the highest technical quality, which was designed to save lives, ends up in the trash where it is incinerated.

What makes these bags so special? They are made with reused textile that has been designed to protect lives. We rescue this material from life rafts that have reached the end of their useful life, giving it a second life, so that it can continue protecting what they value most.

Furthermore, by rescuing them we help to prevent them from being thrown away generating waste and thus we respect the planet. As we reuse this material without industrially transforming it, we contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions, and save on water and energy consumption.

We want to be a benchmark in sustainability through upcycling* and a tool for social transformation, to inspire new generations, so that we can enjoy a better world.


Promote sustainable fashion in Europe by promoting the socioeconomic development of Barcelona, ​​​​with the creative reuse of quality waste, to create other new products of greater ecological and economic value, through a productive chain of positive impact and initiatives and projects in around the brand.


SOSBAG aspires to become a European company of reference in Sustainability through Upcycling, using the creative reuse of waste materials, for the protection of the environment and as a tool for social transformation.



  1. Sustainability: The brand uses reused and recycled materials, which helps reduce environmental impact and promotes the conservation of natural resources.

  2. Originality: SOSBAG products are made with unique and exclusive materials, such as reused fabric from life rafts, which gives them a distinctive and original look.

  3. Functionality: SOSBAG bags and cases are designed to be useful and practical, with features such as pockets and adjustable straps that allow users to carry their devices and personal items in a comfortable and organized manner.

  4. Innovation: By using reused and recycled materials, SOSBAG is at the forefront of implementing sustainable practices in the fashion industry.

  5. Social commitment: At SOSBAG we care about social integration, collaborating with foundations that work in this area. For us, social responsibility and sustainability are fundamental values ​​that we want to be present in everything we do.

  6. Durability: Our products are designed and made with resistant, high-quality materials to ensure their durability over time. We are committed to sustainable and responsible production to contribute to a more durable world.