SOS for Business

Discover our B2B service of personalized products made through upcycling. Take a step towards sustainability and promote a responsible brand image while getting unique and personalized products for your company.

Our innovative and sustainable approach offers key benefits for your business:

Waste reduction: We help companies minimize their environmental footprint by transforming textile waste into new useful and attractive products. By choosing upcycling, you actively contribute to the conservation of natural resources and the protection of the environment.

Product Customization: Add a unique touch to your business with custom products created from reclaimed materials. From corporate accessories to exclusive promotional gifts, each item will reflect the identity and values ​​of your brand, generating a greater impact on clients and collaborators.

Sustainable brand image: Strengthen your company's reputation as a leader in sustainability. Our upcycling services allow you to communicate to your clients and business partners your commitment to environmental responsibility and the development of innovative solutions.

Drive your company towards a more sustainable future and stand out from the competition!

  • We offer customization options, corporate designs and screen printing for select products.

  • For more details on pricing and customization options, please contact us.

Discover how we can work together to achieve your business goals.