Upcycling: The technique that transforms waste into valuable objects

May 04, 2023Cristina Ebang Ferrer

What is Upcycling and how does it work?

Upcycling is a technique increasingly present in the world of fashion and sustainable design, which is based on reusing materials and objects that are discarded at the end of their useful life, to give them a second chance and transform them into new products with a greater ecological and economic value. It is a practice that supports the circular economy, creative recycling and sustainability, as opposed to mass production and planned obsolescence.

At SOSBAG, we are committed to this philosophy and we have been working for a couple of years on the upcycling of life rafts that reach the end of their useful life. Thanks to our experience and know-how, we have developed a process for collecting, cleaning, selecting and transforming these materials into unique and sustainable products, which not only prevent them from ending up in the trash, reducing waste and CO2 emissions . And since there is no transformation of the materials, there is also a saving in water, energy and other natural resources.

Advantages of upcycling over conventional recycling

By reusing life rafts, we are giving a second life to a material that was designed to save lives and would otherwise be considered waste. In addition, our production processes are more sustainable than recycling plastic materials, since they do not involve the transformation of the original material, so we further reduce the environmental impact.

SOSBAG: Reusing life rafts to contribute to the circular economy

At SOSBAG we believe that Upcycling is a unique opportunity to transform the current production and consumption model towards a more sustainable and responsible one. With our work, we are contributing to creating a more just, equitable and environmentally friendly world.

Visit us at the Upcycling exhibition in the Diagonal Building

If you are interested in learning more about Upcycling and how SOSBAG is using this technique to transform life rafts into sustainable and unique products, we invite you to visit the exhibition that is being held in the Alta Diagonal Building (in front of the Illa) . You will also be able to learn about other very original creative Upcycling projects.

Discover the world of Upcycling and learn about our life raft reuse project at the Upcycling Expo at the Diagonal Building until May 17 .

Join our commitment to a better world!

Do not hesitate to visit our website and discover our next Crowfunding launch on the VERKAMI platform.

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Our products are basically designed with reused safety materials, and other complementary recycled materials, thus contributing to the reduction of plastic waste and
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