About us

We are Jordi and Cristina, the creators of the sustainable brand SOSBAG. We are passionate about the sea and deeply concerned about the impact that pollution is having on our seas and oceans.

Therefore, when the opportunity arose to create sustainable products from reused life rafts, we did not hesitate for a second.

Our concern for the sustainability of the planet has led us to launch our SOSbag Circular Economy project , creatively reusing the fabric of life rafts (single-use plastic) that, once the Basic Safety at Sea course is completed, It was destined for the green waste management point.

SOSBAG is a Mediterranean brand inspired by the Sea , with sustainable DNA.

We love the idea of ​​fusing fashion with sustainability, and thus being able to offer our customers unique products with a special story. We want you to feel good when purchasing them, not only because of their quality and original design, but also because by doing so, you are contributing significantly to caring for the environment.


Nuestros productos están diseñados básicamente con materiales de seguridad reutilizados, y otros materiales complementarios reciclados, contribuyendo así a la reducción de residuos plásticos y
al cuidado del planeta.