Fashion brands: Sustainable? Discover the Real Face of Fashion Brands with a Sustainability Seal

Dec 11, 2023Cristina Ebang Ferrer

To introduce our article, it is essential to contextualize the reason why we have decided to write this article. We will begin by explaining the situation that led us to Athens.

Our Greek Odyssey

Two years ago, we set out on our little Greek odyssey, sailing 21 days each summer to Ithaca. At the end of summer this year, we left our sailboat at a Dry Marina in the charming village of Prevezza, whose new private harbor offers truly exceptional facilities.

This December long weekend has taken us back to Greece, to carry out maintenance work on our sailboat.

At the end of the maintenance tasks we returned to Athens, and walking through its lively streets, we found a store belonging to a brand that, like SOSBAG, is dedicated to reusing waste, 3Quarters.

They transform terrace awnings into unique pieces. Visiting the store, the friendly saleswoman told us about a website that evaluates brands in terms of sustainability, Good On You , an initiative that is transforming the way we see fashion and its impacts.

Good On You: Stripping Fashion Brands

This platform dismantles the complexity behind brands. As? Providing transparent ratings on the social, environmental and ethical impact of fashion companies.

If you've ever wondered the real impact of your favorite brands, Good On You gives you clear answers.

We invite you to be part of the change you want to see. Subscribe to SOSBAG to receive content on sustainability and visit the Good on you website to discover ethical and sustainable brands and see how they rate your favorite brands.

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