Happy Green Friday 2023! Four ideas for a more sustainable Black Friday

Nov 08, 2023Cristina Ebang Ferrer

The Black Friday frenzy is approaching, and with it, the temptation to fall into unbridled consumerism. However, at SOSBAG, we are passionate about promoting a more sustainable and conscious lifestyle. In this article, we'll explore how we can transform Black Friday into an opportunity to shop responsibly and prepare for a greener, eco-conscious and heartfelt Christmas.

How can you do it?

1. Reflect on your real needs: Before giving in to irresistible offers, take a moment to reflect on what you really need. Will that new case for your laptop be a valuable, long-lasting option? Think about the need you are filling: Is it to protect your laptop or is it more of an ego boost, without considering its origin and its impact on the environment?

In every choice, whenever possible, choose sustainable products. These not only add style and functionality to your life, but also make a positive impact on the environment or your community. Opt for products that tell a story of awareness, such as upcycling products, and that reflect your commitment to more ethical and sustainable consumption.

2. Plan your gifts in advance: Anticipate the holiday season, and plan your gifts in advance, exploring existing offers thinking about finding meaningful ethical and sustainable options for your loved ones without succumbing to the “not so super deals” of Black Friday . A well-thought-out gift can have a longer-lasting impact than one purchased impulsively.

3. Contribute to charitable causes: Consider choosing brands with purpose, that allow you to contribute to caring for the environment, or that allocate part of your shopping budget to charitable causes. Many brands, including SOSBAG, participate in initiatives that seek to make the world a better place. By supporting these causes, you become part of a movement towards more conscious consumption.

4. Be part of a sustainable Christmas: This year, let's make a collective commitment towards a more sustainable Christmas. When faced with the challenge of gifting someone who seems to have everything, let's explore creative options such as creating handmade products yourself, unique experiences, or even donating in their name. If you decide to give something the other person truly needs, take it a step further: choose reusable packaging, recyclable greeting cards, and gifts that reflect ethical and sustainable practices.

At SOSBAG, we believe in the ability of every choice to make a difference. In the sea, every drop matters...

This Black Friday, we invite you to join our community of responsible and conscious consumption. Together, we can create a more sustainable and meaningful future.

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