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Oct 13, 20230 commentsCristina Ebang Ferrer
What is Circular Fashion ? Circular fashion is an approach that relies on sustainable product design, reuse and recycling of garments to reduce textile waste and minimize the environmental impact...
Jul 14, 20230 commentsCristina Ebang Ferrer
Greenwashing is a deceptive strategy carried out by some companies to appear to be more sustainable, without making real changes, while upcycling is an authentic practice that transforms discarded materials...
May 04, 20230 commentsCristina Ebang Ferrer
Upcycling is a technique increasingly used in fashion and sustainable design that seeks to give a second chance to objects and materials that have reached the end of their useful...


Our products are basically designed with reused safety materials, and other complementary recycled materials, thus contributing to the reduction of plastic waste and
to care for the planet.