SOSBAG and the Humanitarian Maritime Rescue Foundation: Joining Efforts for a Safer Sea

Jan 05, 2024Cristina Ebang Ferrer

At SOSBAG, we believe in the ability of every small gesture to trigger significant change. Our mission to rescue life rafts and transform them into sustainable products has taken a step further thanks to a special collaboration with the Humanitarian Maritime Rescue Foundation.

Crossing Paths: Both organizations share a deep connection to the sea and an unwavering dedication to sustainability and humanitarian action.

Despite not reaching our goal at Verkami, we decided to continue rescuing life rafts, and find other creative ways to continue contributing to a safer and more sustainable world.

Collaboration in Action: The Humanitarian Maritime Rescue Foundation has selected one of our computer cases as a reward in its campaign to improve its rescue ship in the Mediterranean.

This collaboration goes beyond a simple product; It is a symbolic act of rescue and mutual support in the search for a better world.

We invite our community to be part of this story.

Collaboration with the Humanitarian Maritime Rescue Foundation is an invitation to everyone to actively participate in building a safer and more sustainable future.

Here is the link so you can share it or make your contribution. Small actions that are food for the soul .

Looking Ahead: This exciting chapter is not the end, but a new beginning for us. Soon, we will launch our computer cases in a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter.

It will be another opportunity to achieve our goals and be able to continue rescuing rafts and making collaborations that help turn this planet into a place without waste.

We are grateful to the Humanitarian Maritime Rescue Foundation for trusting us and letting us be part of this noble project for a more humane world.

With gratitude.

Cristina Ebang

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